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The Revolution of Macarons in Paris

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Once upon a time… here can begin the story of the macarons, almond cookies that took part of gourmet celebrations all over Europe. The history begun at the Renaissance in Northern Italy before spreading through Europe. A period which not only influenced painting, sculpture, architecture, but cooking and baking as well.

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In Paris, about fifteen years ago, celebrity French pastry Chefs redesigned the almond cookie to make it much attractive by colors and flavors. Macarons are now definitely identified as cute, lovely and colorful “mini-hamburgers”, crispy outside and creamy in the middle to bring “Que du Plaisir”!

If you are addict to classic flavored macarons as chocolate, coffee, salty buttered caramel, vanilla, pistachio, raspberry, lemon… you will be amazed by Parisian pastry Chefs’ creative combination of flavors such as: Blackcurrant and Lavender, Mojito, Lime and Coconut, Lemon and Ginger, Plum quetsche and Assam tea butter cream… without forgetting the delicious harmony of the pear with rose and eglantine flowers.

You are adventurous at the table: you should try our savory macarons, and for sure you will like it!
Yes, vegetables fillings have entered the Parisian macarons collection. The best I have tasted are the Pumpkin and Orange, the Foie gras and Gingerbread, the Carrot, the Beetroot and Horseradish, the Tomatoe and Basil, the Vodka macerated Porcini mushrooms, the Greenpeas and Shallots, and the Truffles (white or black according to the season).
How fabulous to serve it for aperitif, and impress your guests!

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Discover and enjoy the best macarons in Paris (but not only!) in booking Corinne’s unique gourmet walking tours.

Corinne’s VIP tours are scheduled Tuesday to Friday, in the morning or in the afternoon. However better to book it in advance to be sure you won’t miss this unique experience when you visit Paris !

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Are you are interested in making macarons ? Book a class with us!

You will learn how to make an Italian meringue, how to use the food coloring, how to make creative fillings in combining flavorful natural ingredients. You will learn the secrets of dressage in using a pastry bag.
For sure after partaking a 3-hour class and making macarons at home several times, our tiny delicacies won’t have any secrets for you!
Our macarons baking classes are operated in our two schools located in Paris 9th and 17th. Classes are taught in English, and limited to 6 people.