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Gastronomy ∼ Arts ∼ History ∼ Traditions…

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With nearly 85 million visitors welcomed each year (source : United Nations World Tourism Organization /year 2014), France remains the number-one touristic destination in the world before the USA, Spain, China and Italy. France is organized into 14 regions featuring dynamic cities, old towns chock full of ancient buildings with narrow streets, lively markets. Add to that a superb transport infrastructure, warm welcome, and that special French way of life, and “joie de vivre”.

France boasts an incredible diversity of landscapes, climates, culture and traditions. Aside to Paris, the city of romance and history, you will find beautiful towns to discover such as Lyon, Bordeaux, Tours, Strasbourg, etc. France is bordered by the Channel, the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea inviting to relaxation or sailing. You will find hiking paths and fabulous mountain resorts in the Alps, Pyrenees, Massif Central, and Jura. France is a great cycling destination with secured cycling routes through back roads, towpaths… giving you the possibility to explore the country slowly, and have connections with the local people.

And we keep the best for the end : the food! There is no other country in world to offer so many varieties of cheese, exquisite bread, pastry, croissants, and much more. France is in the top-3 gourmet destination in the world, reputed for its delicious cuisine and fine wines.


Vermeer unique Exhibition in Paris

Vermeer Masterpieces together for the first time at Le Louvre in Paris

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The Art Show of the Year not to be missed when you come to Paris ! Vermeer And The Masters Of Genre Painting remarkable exhibition gives you the unique chance to see together in one location 12 of  Johannes Vermeer’s most precious paintings – about one-third of the entire...
Michelin 2017 new awarded chefs in France

France gets 70 new starred restaurants in Michelin Guide

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70 new restaurants in France have been awarded by the famous Michelin Guide 2017, with one and only new 3-star in the 2017 edition: Le 1947 at luxury Hotel Cheval Blanc in Courchevel super chic ski resort. Le 1947 is named for the most prized vintage of Cheval Blanc prestigious...
Lifestyle Vacations cooking at Julia's Pitchoune, Provence

Cooking with Hortense™… my tribute to Julia Child !

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™Here is a full-page article in Nice Matin, April 29 2016 issue. Daniele Delpeuch and Corinne Preteur granted an interview about Lifestyle Vacations France new cooking tour Cooking with Hortense™, featuring Grasse, local producers, restaurants, hotels and of course the perfumers....
Lifestyle Vacations Taste of Paris Chefs Festival

TASTE OF PARIS, February 11-14, 2016

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Welcome to the one-of-a-kind ephemeral Parisian restaurant featuring the finest French food & wine in the Grand Palais prestigious atmosphere… So chic! Taste Festivals has been created in London 12 years ago, and has conquered the world’s capitals such as Dublin,...
Lifestyle Vacations Burgundy culinary tour, France

Burgundy celebrates “Les Glorieuses de Bresse” 150th anniversary

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By the 19th century, when gastro legend Brillat-Savarin declared the poulet de Bresse to be ‘the Queen of poultry and the poultry of Kings’, this neighbourly rivalry had evolved and the first proper competition to declare France’s finest Bresse took place in 1862. It is the only...
Lifestyle Vacations France tour features the art of French porcelain

Visit Sevres delicate porcelain Manufacture in Paris…

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Sevres is internationally known for its ceramic and fine porcelain. The history starts in the 18th century by the creation of the manufacture wanted by the King Louis XV and his mistress the Marquise of Pompadour. Delicate ceramics reveals the exquisite taste of the French high...
Lifestyle Vacations France supports the victims of Paris attack

Thank you for your support…

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Dear guests and friends,  Friday November 13 in Paris, France… Heavily armed barbarians stroke the City of Light and massacred hundreds of innocent civilians. France is in mourning and the words are not enough to express my pain and sorrow…    This attack was not just...
Lifestyle Vacations macarons and pastry class in Paris, France

The Revolution of Macarons in Paris

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Once upon a time… here can begin the story of the macarons, almond cookies that took part of gourmet celebrations all over Europe. The history begun at the Renaissance in Northern Italy before spreading through Europe. A period which not only influenced painting, sculpture,...
Lifestyle Vacations France luxury table dressing with porcelain and cristal

Sevres celebrates the Arts of Porcelain

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Her name was Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson born December 29, 1721… better known as the Marquise of Pompadour. Louis XV’s mistress but also loyal friend and great counselor devoted her all life to the arts including painting, sculpture and the arts of the table. Marquise...
Lifestyle Vacations Normandy gourmet tour, France

Normandy celebrates the Pont L’Evèque Cheese!

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Pont L’Evèque is a picturesque village of Normandy Pays d’Auge region which gave its name to a flavorful soft cow milk cheese that we immediately recognize by its square shape (4.3 inches wide and 1.2 inches thick) and washed-rind. Pont L’Evèque in the...


Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world is also the most popular for its history and monuments. Here, you travel back through the past time in each quarter, each street. Arc de Triomphe, Notre-Dame cathedral, Eiffel Tower, Le Louvre, Sacré Coeur are the witness of...