Cheese & Wine Tasting Class

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2 hours

Location: Paris

140 /pers.

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The best of France at your table!

France is as big as Texas, but also 17 times smaller than China and 17 times smaller than the USA… France is like a small dot on a world map! Yet this country has an incredible diversity with its mountains and hills, its plains crossed by rivers of great beauty and its kilometers of coastline. Even so the purpose is not to run a geography class, the diversity of landscape and climates has a particular impact on the terroirs – a term with no English translation – combining climate, soil and know-how. Our country has no equivalence in the world for its fabulous gourmet trilogy made with wine, bread and cheese. Thousands of cheeses have been listed but only 43 are granted an AOC (controlled designation of origin). Same for the wines. But most surprising is the harmony between wine and cheese from the same region!

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You are keen of improving your knowledge about the French cheeses and its pairing with the wines?

This program is yours!

Along our 2-hour class, you will learn how French cheeses are produced (what accounts for their texture, color, and smell?), why cheesemakers use raw unpasteurized milk in their cheese, what the aging and the impact of seasonality are on cheese, and how locals typically enjoy cheese in restaurants and at home. You will learn why cheese and wine from the same "terroir" or area match perfectly.
Meantime, you will enjoy 5 different kind of cheese paired with fruits, bread, and 5 different wines representing different regions of France.This program a tasting class ( not a walking tour) designed for individuals and small groups of up to 10 participants.

Everybody will be seated at tasting tables with printed materials to guide the exploration.

This class is taught in English by a sommelier and cheese expert. It is operated in our school located in Paris 18th, steps to the metro station.

Program price: US$140 per person, tastings included.

Scheduled: Tuesdays at 5:00pm.

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