Gourmet VIP tour in Paris

class cooking

5 hours

Location: Paris

250 /pers.

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"A few years ago, the UNESCO experts singled out French gastronomy as a “social custom aimed at celebrating the most important moments in the lives of individuals and groups". The Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible World Heritage listed the French cuisine and the multi-course gastronomic meal with its rites and its presentation, as well as the taste for good food".

cooking class

A glorious celebration of France long gourmet traditions

Corinne Preteur has designed several itineraries featuring top-ranked food and wine spots set in historic picturesque quarters, and she personally escorts these tours (2 to 4 people). In exploring Paris through its finest food and wines, you will learn a lot about the French gastronomic heritage, French produces and wines, as well as the history of Paris and France.

You will learn about the secrets of cheese making and its pairing with the wines. You will discover the greatest French terroirs through its artisans productions.

You will walk through famous Paris open-air food markets where you will meet and discuss with the producers.

Itineraries change according to the food market places. You will enter the best pastry shops, bakeries, chocolate shops… owned by MOF chefs (Meilleurs Ouvriers de France > France best artisans).

Corinne's gourmet VIP tour is scheduled in the morning, starting at 9:00am for 5 hours. Even so tasting will be offered in the shops, you will enjoy a coffee or tea break with croissants or brioche in traditional café.

Gourmet VIP tour includes a gourmet food and wine pairing lunch in a friendly small wine shop and bar. Program ends around 2:00pm… but most of the time later!

Program price: $250 per person, tastings and lunch included.

Scheduled: Tuesday to Saturday - March to July, September and October, except on public holidays.

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