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Duration: 2h30
Location: Paris
Price: $140/pers
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Lifestyle Vacations Pastry class in Paris

Join us in our Parisian kitchen to experience delightful French pastry, desserts & macarons!

Our pastry classes are ALL hands-on, and geared towards amateurs. No special skill is required to enroll our programs.
Each class is taught in English by an experienced pastry chef, and it is limited to 6 people.

Our pastry and desserts lessons, as well as our macarons classes are operated in our baking schools located in Paris 9th and 17th. It is scheduled Tuesday through Friday. Along your 2h30 class, you will learn how to prepare and to bake 2 pastries and 1 dessert, or 3 pastries, or 2 different macarons flavors (ie:chocolate, salted caramel, raspberry, lemon, pistachio, vanilla, coffee) from scratch. The dessert that you will prepare and taste after the class can be a pistachio crème brulée, or a creme caramel, or a French traditional vanilla rice pudding or “ile flottante” meringue with crème anglaise and caramel. You can choose to taste the fruits of your labor in the school and to bring it with you.

les éclairs parisiensYou like éclairs and other cream-filled choux pastry ? 
It’s trendy in Paris actually, displayed in a dazzling array of colors and flavors! This class is scheduled Wednesday afternoon. You will learn how to prepare and to cook the dough, how to shape éclairs in using a piping bag and how to bake it. Meantime, you will make flavored creams. You will fill the eclairs and you will learn how to decorate it “French style”.


raspberry tartletsYou like tarts and tartlets ? 
Book our Thursday afternoon class.
In this class you will pay attention to the presentation and decoration “French style”.
You will also make petits fours (see photo on left), ganache cream which is a mixture of chocolate and whipping cream, creme patissiere which is a custard, and genoise which is a sponge cake leavened naturally with eggs in using the foaming method. 


You want to learn how to make French “classic” desserts ?
Book our Friday afternoon class.
You will learn how to make basic cake mixtures: Joconde sponge cake, ladyfinger sponge cake, biscuit dacquoise or Genoise sponge cake. You will also learn how to make various creams: french butter cream, diplomat cream, classic pastry cream, mousseline or Chantilly cream. Last but not least, you’ll learn about the technique for assembling the French layers cake “Entremet” in a ring.This class lasts 3 hours.
chocolate & raspberry macarons
You want to learn how to make Parisian macarons ?
Book our Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday class.
You will learn to make an Italian meringue that you will deflate to get the good consistency. You will learn how to use the colorants in powder. You will make light and sweet fillings. You will size perfect circles in using a pastry bag to get a gorgeous result once cookies are baked. Then, you will learn about the technique for assembling the filling and the meringues.This class lasts 3 hours.


Program price: $140 per person

When: Wednesday to Saturday (morning at 9:30am and 10:30am, or afternoon at 2:00pm).