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Dear friends,

Cooking starts in your garden when you pick the vegetables, fruits, herbs… or on the market when you see merchants and producers displaying their seasonal fresh produce. Behind it, you have one word “the taste”. You cannot cook well when you have bad ingredients and all the chefs will tell you. Cooking is also loving… You can cook for yourself, but you certainly cook more for treating your family, your friends, and sharing good moments around a table.

But let me introduce myself…
Cooking and me is along love story… Despite I didn’t grow up in a family of cooks, I always had the joy to cook and to bake at home, starting at my young age when I prepared the Île Flottante in my Mum’s kitchen!
I am a self-educated cook. I have improved my skills with the chefs I had the chance to meet in my professional life for more than twenty years. I have hundred of cook books at home, I partook hundreds of cooking classes starting by beginners ones to finish by advanced trainings. I am a curious person, adventurous in the kitchen as when you don’t try, you’ll never know and you will never improve your skills!

Aside to working in my kitchen, I’ve been operating Lifestyle Vacations France for more than 10 years, offering original cooking tours in France to foodie travelers from all over the world. Depending on the program, you will cook with me in charming French-style privately own villas or farm houses or chalets which is your “home sweet home” in France. You could learn how to prepare a 4-course gourmet meal (usually served for special occasions), and simple lunches and dinners that can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Before my cook book is edited…
Please visit Cooking with Corinne blog where I have posted delicious recipes celebrating the French cuisine; each one is simplified for home cooks. My recommendation before cooking is to go to the market. Buy fresh seasonal produce for a better taste and a cheaper cost. Never leave processed food entering your pantry… Always buy organic produce as pesticides and preservatives cause cancers…
You eat to be healthy and to feel good. You also eat for pleasure !

Keep on cooking, be happy… and join me soon in my kitchen in France!
Corinne A. Preteur