A Taste of the Alps Online Cooking Class


Easter & Alps Cooking Class, April 8th



This class celebrates Easter and the Alps cuisine, featuring a menu that Corinne has created for you with the seasonal produce that you can find in your country. Please let us know your food restrictions or allergies if any, and mention your likes and dislikes before booking. Corinne will change the menu accordingly.

– Green asparagus mousse with Salmon, presented in eggs’ shells
– 4-hour slow roast Leg of Lamb
– Gratin Dauphinois
– Blueberry Tart

Hands-on Virtual Cooking Class
Taught in English & run by Corinne from Paris
Recipes in English are emailed when you sign in, giving you time to organize your food shopping.
Duration: 3h30
Class starts at 11:30am Eastern time US/Canada
Virtual class registration is nonrefundable.

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Indulge in the Alps Culinary & Farming Traditions

In the Alps, dairy farms offer exceptional milk, cream, butter and cheeses such as Reblochon, Abondance, Tomme, Beaufort. One way to enjoy cheeses from the mountain cows is to make the Tartiflette or Reblochonade; both made with potatoes. The Crozets (little square-shaped buckwheat pasta) are another specialty, served gratin-style. Ham, smoked bacon and sausages (called Diots) are also often on the menus.
Summer, from June to September, is the season for wild blueberries. In using a comb, we pick up the fruits along the paths until 3280 ft altitude, under the watchful eye of the marmots which are usually not very far! The Alps are beautiful with glaciers and snow capped peaks but the lakes districts are stunning too, a perfect place to rest. For us, gourmets, lakes offer white fish with a subtle and delicate flesh that we prepare with citrus fruits and serve with green vegetables aside.

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