Bistro / Tapas Cooking Class in Paris

class cooking

3 hours

Location: Montmarte, Paris

160 to 175/pers.

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Food tells a story, and we tell the story of the authentic French bistro cuisine which emphasizes the qualities that make a culinary and gourmet experience memorable. Featuring true French fare made from fresh ingredients in addition to French wines from local producers, we offer a unique cooking experience in a very friendly atmosphere that contributes to the genuine cuisine and French culture.

bistro/tapas cooking class paris

You are looking for an experience of a lifetime in Paris? Join us in the kitchen while enjoying the beauty of Paris!
We are set at the 6th and top floor of a traditional 19th century building (with a tiny elevator) overlooking the Sacré Coeur while offering a breathtaking panoramic view all over Paris. After admiring the city, tight your apron and keep on cooking together!

This cooking program is dedicated to the Bistro Cuisine or to the trendy Tapas celebrating the classics of the French gastronomy through authentic and delicious recipes which are easy to make especially when you learn it with a French Pro who will be also delighted to provide tips...
Our bistro menus can include meat stews such as bœuf bourguignon, navarin d'agneau, blanquette de veau, hachis Parmentier (potatoes purée and ground beef gratin), chicken Made-in-Normandy (organic chicken legs flambé with Calvados and cooked in cider with mushrooms and apples). As a starter, you find the legendary French onion soup, oeufs mimosa (boiled eggs with mayonnaise), caramelized shallots or eggplant "Tatin". Traditional desserts are clafoutis, crème brulée, caramel cream, ile flottante (poached whipped egg whites with creme anglaise).

bistro/tapas cooking class paris

Tapas is another great option for buffet diners with friends. Originally from Spain and the Basque country but very popular in France, these trendy finger foods are prepared with ham, cheese, fish, shellfish, vegetables, olives and olive oil… served on bread on in a tiny dish.
Bistro-style and tapas menus can be prepared in advance, giving the chance to home-cooks, to stay at the table with guests.

Our cooking school is located in Paris 18th.
Classes are hands-on, taught in English, and designed for amateurs. It is confirmed with 2 people and limited to 6 participants.
Classes are scheduled in the morning starting at 10:30am but also in the afternoon, starting at 5:30pm.
Tasting lunch or dinner accompanied by wine follows each cooking lesson.
Within 3 hours, you will learn how to cook a 3-course Bistro menu or a 5-course Tapas menu, both prepared with reasonably priced ingredients. You will get the recipes in English.

PROGRAM PRICE: US$160 per person (Tapas Class) - Supplement "Bistro Class" : $15 per person

Scheduled Monday-Sunday at 10:30am or at 5:30pm / Year-round, except December 25 and January 1.

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