Food Lover's Tour in Paris

class cooking

3 hours

Location: Paris, Latin quarter & St-Germain

175 /pers.

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Our tours are guided by English-speaking food & wine professionals who share their passion for eating in Paris. We keep small groups in order to provide a more personalized experience, and to ensure that we are welcome in shops of exceptional quality.
Along your gourmet adventure throughout Paris most picturesque quarters such as Le Marais Saint-Germain-des-Prés and the Latin Quarter, you will taste hand-shaped breads and buttery pastries from a wood-burning oven, traditional charcuterie from a charismatic butcher, artisanal cheeses from all over France, chocolates, sweets from an acclaimed pastry chef, and fine French wines that you will pair with cheese, crispy bread and charcuterie.

Tours are scheduled Tuesday-Sunday, morning of afternoon, for about 3 hours. It's limited to 7 participants. Reservation in advance is strongly recommended!

Program price: US$175 per person, tastings included.

Scheduled: Tuesday-Sunday, year-round except on public holidays.

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