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Lifestyle Vacations is the leader in luxury culinary tours to France, offering authentic hands-on cooking classes aside to gourmet and cultural visits to highlight the French traditions and arts.
Our cooking programs are set in luxury guest houses, private villas, or small charming hotels ~ each one with modern comforts, private en-suite baths and all amenities.
All programs you will find at Lifestyle Vacations are original. Each one has been carefully designed and experienced by Corinne A. Preteur who is creator, owner and director of Lifestyle Vacations. Corinne Preteur personally guides her tours, and also runs cooking classes in Alsace, Périgord, Normandy, Loire Valley, etc.
Lifestyle Vacations tours include VIP services, and a unique connection with chefs, cooks, producers, and local people. Corinne is fluent English.

Lifestyle Vacations is operated by Paris-based company SARL Antilope founded in 1991 by Corinne A. Preteur. Until 2001, Antilope was an international communications & PR agency which has partnered with Birmingham Associates in Boston, MA. The company expertise included media events for restaurants, food and wine industries, and travel companies. The agency has organized numerous press trips worldwide for the most demanding people. In 2003, Corinne Preteur and Lauren Birmingham-Piscitelli started cooking vacations businesses focusing on Italy, France, and Portugal. Lifestyle Vacations is Cooking Vacations Italy sister-company.

Corinne A. Preteur

Founder and Director

Born in Paris, and raised in the Loire Valley, Corinne has spent many years in the USA, working first for Hasbro Milton Bradley (Massachusetts and Rhode Island), and partnering with Birmingham Associates in Boston, then.
Within her long professional career, Corinne has organized and guided numerous VIP tours and press trips worldwide. She has an extensive knowledge in France history, food, wine and gastronomy in general.
Corinne is the creator, owner and director of Lifestyle Vacations France, and the founder of Paris-based Antilope Productions company and Côté Loisirs TV France. Corinne is a well known French journalist, a photographer, and a member of France travel writers, and food critics associations. She's being cooking and baking since her young age… trained by Master chefs!

rour guide

Sophie Charransol

Tour Guide

Sophie is born and raised in Vaucluse, Provence. She escort Lifestyle Vacations tours for individuals and small groups up to 8 people.
Exploring Provence with Sophie is such an exciting adventure, as she guides you through the most picturesque hamlets, historic sites and cities, and to tiny quaint villages through narrow streets and paths which link to local people and to breathtaking landscapes.
Sophie drives a luxury air-conditioned minibus in Provence which is popular for its lavender fields, olive groves, hilltop villages and fabulous markets.

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Jean Marc

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Anouck & Joris

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