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Cooking Vacations & Culinary Tours in ALSACE, Eastern France

Alsace is only 2 hours distance from Paris by direct train. 40 miles long by 16 miles wide, Alsace is the smallest French region which boasts a fabulous heritage as well as various landscapes. In a few miles you cross the majestic forests of the Vosges, peaceful lakes and rivers, Renaissance-style historic cities, picturesque villages featuring half-timbered houses adorned with flowers, gabled roofs and chimneys topped with stork nests.
You have certainly chosen Alsace for its good living, traditions and culture, exquisite cuisine and fine wines, and you are right!


A glorious celebration of the French Food & Wine combined to a unique approach of the Alsatian culture, history and lifestyle.

Cooking with Corinne in Alsace

cooking in alsace