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Cooking Vacations & culinary tours LYON & BURGUNDY

Welcome to the high-end France heritage featuring Gastronomy, History, Traditions, Arts and Culture.

Let's travel back through the Middle-Age and beyond to better understand Lyon and Burgundy's remarquable heritage among the most beautiful in the world. To a millenary history is added geographic and climatic elements which have shaped breathtaking landscapes and fertile soils and lands.
So many traditions that local people have the pleasure to share with you… Discover it with us!


cooking vacations

Taste of Burgundy

7 days / 6 nights

Cooking & Wine tasting Classes

Gourmet experiences, Wine & cultural Tours

Transfers & transportation by private van

Luxury B&B or Hotel accommodation

Daily breakfasts, luncheons and dinners

4,930 /pers.

cooking vacations

Taste of Lyon

5 days / 4 nights

4-night guesthouse accommodation

Daily breakfasts, lunches and dinners

Market tour & cooking classes followed by lunch

Beaujolais wine tour

Cultural and wine tour transportation

Cultural and wine tour transportation

2,140 /pers.

Burgundy and Lyon in the history...

Let's travel back through the Middle-Age, and even earlier, to understand the history of Burgundy. The power of the church is so tremendous - taken under the Lords protection - that the Cistercians receive uncultivated lands that they quickly turn into rich vineyards. The monks started to develop a successful wine trade… At the 15th century, the Duke of Burgundy Philip the Good became one of the most powerful princes in Europe.

He created the Order of the Golden Fleece (an order of knighthood) and united around him the nobility and the various Burgundian territories including Belgium and Holland. Burgundy became one of richest territory with a flourishing trade (wine, salt, tapestry, wool, etc.). Located 100 miles (160 km) south from Burgundy, the city of Lyon city is on a north-south axis, crossed by the Rhone and the Saône rivers.

Until the 5th century, Lyon was one of biggest Roman city. Later at the Renaissance and until the 1789 French Revolution, Lyon was the headquarters of the silk weaving and trade. Merchants arrived from Asia, the Middle-East, and all over Europe to buy, sell and trade silk, leather goods, spices and metals. Banking families came from Italy to be part of this bustling city...

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