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Cooking Vacations & culinary tours in LOIRE VALLEY!

From Sancerre to Angers through Amboise, Chenonceaux…

Considered as France top-ranked picturesque regions, the Loire Valley is certainly one of the richest region where the historic heritage is closely linked to a great lifestyle. Located at the cross-roads of Brittany, Normandy, Aquitaine and the capital Paris… crossed by the majestic Loire river today listed at the Unesco world heritage, the Loire Valley is the symbol of the good living, elegance and refinement.
From the Middle-Ages to the Renaissance and beyond, Kings and Dukes fought for the territory which was under English control.
They built outstanding castles for their residences which is the witness of power and richness. Through permanent renovation works, the castles keep the splendor of their past times.

Cooking with Corinne in the Loire Valley