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Cooking Vacations & culinary tours in NORMANDY, BRITTANY, PAYS DE LOIRE

Pays d’Auge (Normandy), Morbihan (Southern Brittany), Mayenne (Pays de Loire)

Welcome to Normandy, Brittany and Pays de Loire, three regions of France, close to each other but different by landscape, food, culture and traditions. Close by the history as under English domination at the Middle-Age. Different by landscapes, climate, cultural attractions, traditions and of course cuisine.
Normandy and Brittany are proud of their little ports where the best fish and shellfish arrive each day. However each claims the values of their terroir and agricultural wealth. These 3 regions are popular for the livestock and dairy farms producing flavorful whole milk, butter, cream and cheese which are used in the local cuisine.

Cooking with Corinne in Normandy

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