Bistrot Cooking Class in Paris

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3 hours

Location: Paris

180 /pers.

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The first gourmet experience you generally have on arriving in Paris is having lunch or dinner in a bistrot, a traditional restaurant serving a simple flavorful cuisine prepared with seasonal produce.

cooking class paris

Aside to your pleasure of eating, join us in the kitchen for cooking and sharing the secrets of our chefs.
Our “bistrot" cooking class is unique, featuring countryside regional recipes such as:
- meat stews (pot-au feu, bœuf bourguignon, bœuf carrots, navarin d'agneau, sauté de lapin…),
- hachis Parmentier (potatoes purée and ground beef gratin),
- mushrooms omelettes, etc.
As a starter, you find boiled eggs with mayonnaise, marinated herrings with steamed potatoes, caramelized shallots “Tatin " with goat cheese, fresh thyme and bay leaf.
Traditional desserts are clafoutis, fruits tarts, caramel cream, vanilla rice pudding, ile flottante (whipped egg whites with creme anglaise).
Bistrot-style menus can be prepared in advance, giving the chance to home-cooks, to stay at the table with guests.

Our cooking class is operated in our school located in Paris 17th.
Class is hands-on, taught in English, and designed for amateurs. It is limited to 6 participants.
It's scheduled at 10:30am, and it's follow by tasting lunch accompanied by wine.
Within 3 hours, you will learn how to cook a 3-course menu prepared with reasonably priced ingredients. You will get the recipes in English.

PROGRAM PRICE: US$180 per person

Scheduled: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, except on public holidays.

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