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A region of History, Arts, Traditions, Gastronomy and Lifestyle

Welcome to the French and Swiss Alps with its shimmering turquoise waters and towering mountains, dreamy villages and picturesque towns!

Join Corinne of Lifestyle Vacations to explore the French or Swiss Alps off-the-beaten paths.
Enjoy her guided tours through the most picturesque sites.
Experience her culinary adventures featuring local food traditions, through hands-on cooking classes, market tours, and connections with local people.
Indulge in authentic lifestyle journeys.

These tours to Switzerland and the French Alps are listed in Lifestyle Vacations « Premium Collection » programs that include luxury hotel or private chalet & Spa accommodation. These tours are designed for a x-small group of 4 people, and it’s limited to 6 participants.

Switzerland is as exquisite as it gets…

Switzerland is organized into 26 counties, from the famed Swiss Alps in the south to the Jura on the western border : Bâle, Neuchâtel, Berne, Fribourg, Genève, Vaud and Valais are the ones you will have the chance to visit. It’s also unofficially divided into 4 linguistic regions, keeping a part of France, Germany, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein culture. People speaks French, German, Italian or Romanche.
Along with its attractiveness as one of Europe’s main tourist destination, Switzerland is best known for its financial institutions, fine wines, cheeses and chocolate, watch making industry, and its excellent public transport network, including the legendary Glacier Express which links Zermatt to Saint Moritz. The payoff comes in the jaw-dropping views that glide past you as the train descends down to 650 meters above sea level and then climbs up to 2033 meters in one sitting!

In visiting Switzerland with us, you will enjoy spectacular mountain scenery, unspoiled nature, rejuvenate lakes environments, historic heritage, gourmet treasures, while appreciating the Swiss legendary hospitality. Our tours include luxury hotels accommodation, and unforgettable Michelin-starred restaurant experiences.