Cooking with Corinne in Alsace

cooking vacations

6 days / 5 nights (Sunday-Friday)

Luxury private House accommodation

3 hands-on cooking classes

Marketplace tour and visit to local producers

Cultural guided tours

Transfers & transportation by private car or van


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Alsace is the smallest region of France only 40 miles long by 16 miles wide, a historic region adjacent to Germany known for its fairytale villages adorned with flowers, gabled roofs and chimneys topped with stock nests, half-timbered hamlets, Renaissance-style cities, beautiful natural heritage sites including the Vosges Mountains, peaceful lakes and rivers. This is a part of Alsace attraction, but you will also enjoy Alsace for the hospitality of the local people, and of course for its fine wines and exquisite food. The gastronomic trail between Mulhouse and Strasbourg is so rich that it's worth taking several days to travel its few hundred kilometers. The reputation of some artisans here far exceeds their own area, while others are lesser known if not quite secret addresses.

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