Baguette Making Class in Paris!


Baguette Making Class in Paris


You are a foodie traveler, and you are keen in learning how to make French bread including the crispy baguette? Join us in the kitchen!

• Class is run in a Baking School and taught by a professional Chef
• Duration: 3 hours
• Program is designed for amateurs
• Limited to 8 participants
• Scheduled on Wednesdays or Thursdays at 2pm.

We also want to be sure that this class matches with your wishes and expectations. We look forward to baking with you soon!

The French baguette gets Unesco heritage status!

The baguette, the long, crusty loaf bread that is a delicious staple of French life, has been awarded special protected status, placing it in a culinary pantheon alongside other regional food delicacies from around the world. For the artisanal bakers who remain dedicated to the loaf, the baguette listed to the Unesco intangible cultural heritage came as a welcome recognition of the craft they daily perfect.

Lifestyle Vacations France

You are a foodie traveler, and you are keen in learning how to make French bread including the crispy baguette?
You will be in Paris soon? Join us in our kitchen!

In coming to France, you won’t miss to push the door of a traditional bakery, smelling the flavors of freshly baked croissants, brioches, baguettes and traditional French breads. But at Lifestyle Vacations, we take you to the next step in signing up a hands-on bread making class operated in a baking school in Paris. You will learn how to master the art of bread including the French Baguette.

Under our chef instructor, you will learn how to make the French bread from scratch, and to bake it in a home oven. Along your 3-hour class, you will learn how to prepare the bread doughs step by step. Our chef will explain the different quality of flours, how to use active fresh yeast, the fermentation process, the shaping methods, the baking temperatures and time, as well as how to create the steam in a home oven for baking the bread. Bread requires a long fermentation, so even though you will be making everything from scratch, the dough will be prepared ahead of time for baking.

PROGRAM PRICE: US$190 per person
Scheduled: Wednesday or Thursday at 2pm (except on public holidays).