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Lifestyle Vacations offers:
Luxury Cooking School Journeys in Paris & throughout the Regions of France
Cooking, Baking & Wine Tasting Classes
Privately escorted Cultural & Gourmet Tours
Tailor-Made Epicurean Tours throughout France
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Join us in the kitchen !
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Market tour with a celebrity Chef
before partaking a class...
The best cooking adventure !

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Ready to cook with us ?
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Ready to learn how to make
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I’ve always felt that a map of France reads like a menu. The very names of regions can incite ravenous pangs. Each has a signature dish, from Brittany’s butter-crisped crepes topped with a creamy caramel, to the generous boeuf bourguignon accompanied by a Gevrey-Chambertin Burgundy fine wine. Provence bursts with flavorful vegetables gratin or Mediterranean fish soup, as the bounty of the South-West comes alive in the warmth of simmering cassoulet… Best to understand French cuisine is to visit the regions! You will meet the country chefs, farmers and home cooks who are so proud to keep the traditions alive. Embarke on a tour of France through regions’ signature dishes with Corinne. She not only designs Lifestyle Vacations France original programs, but also personally escorts most of the tours!


View All Culinary Tours

Brittany & Normandy Heritage

7 days / 6 nights
  • Luxury privately owned villas accommodation
  • All breakfasts, lunches and dinners
  • Market cooking class
  • Cultural guided tours
  • Scheduled April, and September
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$3,660/pers$3,510 / pers.

Cooking & Wellbeing Provence

6 days / 5 nights
  • 5-night luxury guesthouse accommodation
  • Transfers and transportation for visits and excursions
  • 3 hands-on cooking classes
  • All lunches and dinners accompanied by wine
  • Yoga stretches and massage
  • Tour is personally escorted by Corinne P.
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$3,190/pers$3,070 / pers.

Taste of Lyon

5 days / 4 nights
  • 4-night modern-design guesthouse accommodation
  • Daily breakfasts, lunches and dinners
  • Market cooking classes followed by lunch
  • Beaujolais wine tour
  • Cutural and wine tour transportation
  • Available March to October
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$1,420/pers$1,290 / pers

Bordeaux VIP Wine Tour

5 days / 4 nights
  • 4-star Chateau accommodation
  • Expert-led visits to prestigious and family-run wineries
  • Gourmet lunches and dinners in traditional and Michelin restaurants
  • Cultural guided tours in Bordeaux and Saint-Emilion
  • Scheduled Tuesday-Saturday in April, May, and October
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$2,200 to 3,050/pers

Gourmet Loire Valley

5 days / 4 nights
  • 4-star luxury guest house accommodation
  • 3 hands-on cooking classes followed by dinners
  • Market tour and visits to producers
  • Chateaux guided tours
  • Available April to June, September and October
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The Magic of Gourmet Provence

8 days / 7 nights
  • Charming hotel accommodation
  • 5 hands-on cooking and baking classes
  • Guided cultural and gourmet tours
  • Visits to local producers
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$3,120 / pers

Cooking class in Paris

3 hours
  • Hands-on cooking class followed by lunch
  • Scheduled Tuesday, Friday and Saturday at 10:30am
  • Available year-round, except in August and on public holidays
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Market Cooking class in Versailles

3 hours
  • Market tour with the chef
  • Hands-on cooking class followed by lunch
  • Scheduled Tuesday and Friday at 9:30am
  • Available year-round, except in August and on public holidays
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Pastry Class in Paris

  • Hands-on baking class followed by tasting
  • Scheduled Monday through Friday
  • Available year-round, except on public holidays
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